Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the Obstacles of Materialism

Much of the human race is aware of the on-going worship of materialism. The trouble, however, is that much of the human race are unable to break the bonds of materialism. Worse, humans have difficulty in justifying reason for abandoning the worship of materialism. Buying things and being entertained are what many do best in spare time... Aaaah, spare time.

It is a relatively recent marvel that a bulking middle class of human beings live with stability and comfort to enjoy much of their time doing nothing productive. Unfortunately for these humans (and it is even worse for the wealthiest, who do not work) their own physiology is working against them. Humans are meant to be productive. How do I know this? Because sitting around doing absolutely nothing is very uncomfortable. This discomfort proposes an interesting paradox. Most humans will work, and, while working, find themselves desiring the end of their working hours, or contemplating the weekend or days off. Then, in their time off, they quickly become discomforted once inactive (that is to say if they are not sleeping). To soothe this discomfort, a human may do any of the following: watch television, go shopping, surf the internet, go to a restaurant/bar, go to a friend's, call a friend, prepare food, exercise, read, write, or indulge in drugs. Some of these choices provide more intense fulfillment than others, while at the same time, some provide for short or long term fulfillment. Depending on the level of need, a human may choose to be blasted with fulfillment or work patiently towards a slower, long term fulfillment. Some humans need to stay busy all of the time, bombasted with seemingly important and ridiculously trivial things to be doing at all times.

"What are we suppose to do if not entertain ourselves?" you might be wondering. Well, the answer lies in another trait of yours, should you be human, which is termed, "curiosity". Your minds were not evolved for being entertained; that would make no sense! Your minds were evolved for curiosity and problem solving. Besides chemicals that release massive amounts of endorphins to your body, are not the most exciting forms of entertainment the ones that strike your curiosity or require critical problem solving skills?

Too many humans allow their other carnal desires to be entertained, and when these forms of entertainment become marketed to vast amount of middle and upper class citizens, the results are societies of material loving imbeciles. Do you need examples? The following is a list of examples:
1.) drama television shows addressing our carnal desire for conflict and violence,
2.) love and porno-friendly stories, novels, television programs, and internet sites stimulating our sexual drive,
3.) the fashion industry fostering your need of conformity and "coolness", but in a way to make a profit while setting ridiculous trends and uniformity,
4.) the electronic/gadget industry playing to your problem solving ability and interest in tools, but by making shiny gadgets that require little intellect, creativity, or ingenuity of the operator

If I haven't hurt your feelings yet, bravo, and if I have, don't leave, soon you too will be able to make others feel stupid.


Unknown said...


When you say "electronic gadgets", are you including rosetta stone-esque creations such as the iPhone?

Wolfman said...

Of course not, everyone can benefit from an iPhone by reading this blog on the go.

ClickNathan said...

I have been struggling with this issue of unhappiness in my fat, American lifestyle. While I worked for years with pie eyed lusting after those who did not have to work, I now can't find the simple pleasures in relaxation that I once could.

Only through forcing myself into "doing" am I content, happy with the situation. For a long while just going out drinking fulfilled this need, but now even that becomes both too mundane if too often, and even if I wanted it every day I couldn't, as my human frailty permits me from drinking daily...

Wolfman said...

Rememeber this equation:

When Human Action = Proper Human Function*, then there follows Human Satisfaction. The adverse is also true.

*proper human function refers to work that benefits the social collective.